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Our mission is to increase the spending power of the next generation.

We are a technology company reimagining financial products based on where you’re going, not where you’ve been: products that cater to what you need and are built to help you succeed.

We’re going to get there by
doing things differently.

Where the past saw risk,


we see potential.

Where the past reveled in complexity,


we keep it simple.

Where the past left you guessing,


we give you control.

Where the past defined your terms,


we respect yours.

Where the past profited from failure,


we thrive when you thrive.

We couldn’t do this on our own.

Our Partners

Our Banking Partner

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse’s rich history is filled with innovation, from building Switzerland’s first drive-in bank to providing the first internet banking service to the Swiss market. We rely on their world-class service to help finance the cash we give to students.

More About CS

Our Investors

You may recognize their work.

Max Levchin

Founder of Paypal and Affirm. Board member of Yahoo and Yelp

David Sacks

General Partner at Craft Ventures. Investor in Facebook, Uber, SpaceX, Airbnb

Michael Dearing

Founder of Harrison Metal. Investor in PagerDuty, AdMob, Harry’s, Masterclass

Kevin Weil

VP at Facebook. Previously, Head of Product at Instagram and Twitter

Adam Bain

Investor in Reddit, Opendoor, Lime, Headspace. Previously, COO at Twitter

Othman Laraki

Founder of Color Genomics. Investor in Pinterest, Slack, Instacart, Angelist

Some of Our Investors’ Firms

Craft Ventures

Harrison Metal

SV Angel


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